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Variable Capacity Commercial Packaged 14kW – 33kW

Advanced performance with flexible options.

Our Variable Capacity Commercial series has been specifically developed to provide flexible, energy efficient performance with advanced control functionality. Perfect for retail and light commercial applications it comes packed with added value and a host of advanced features included as standard.

It’s been developed with flexibility in mind, with a range of configuration choices, an array of advanced control options, and a design that is easy to install and service.

Technical Information – 14.0-21.0kW
Features – 14.0-21.0kW
Variations – 14.0-21.0kW
Installation Information – 14.0-21.0kW
Technical Information – 29.90-32.40kW
Features – 29.90-32.40kW
Variations – 29.90-32.40kW
Installation Information – 29.90-32.40kW
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