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The Breeze – October 2019 – Product Release

Over the past 12 months we’ve released a number of new products, including:

  • The introduction of BMS into our residential systems,
  • CO2 sensing on our Tri-Capacity & Hercules products
  • ActronAir’s first-ever Group Control, capable of controlling up to 15 systems
  • ActronControls branded T series controller, specifically designed for hotel applications
  • The expansion of the Platinum QUE range
  • The introduction of the Variable Capacity commercial range, with associated controls options.

Why stop there? Most recently we have launched two new generations of products; Classic Series 2 and ESP Series 2.

So, what improvements can you expect?



Our analogue controls received an aesthetic make-over with your choice of two colour options and an all-new contemporary design with premium matte finishes. Further improvements include flexible zoning, 7-day time clock, on-board sensing, and improved servicing and installation processes.

All of these updates ensure the L series sets a new benchmark for analogue controls, and together with the QUE means ActronAir offers best in class controls across our ducted products.

To help with ease of use we have introduced Near Field Communication (also known as NFC technology) into our controls. No longer will you need to go searching through cupboards and drawers to find operating instructions. By simply placing your compatible device near the control, NFC will quickly & simply open a webpage to view your operating instructions.



The Series 2 range of products also come with a number of sound improvements. These improvements vary between products and systems but include the likes of:


Series 2 also now provides the capability to operate with select home automation products. ActronAir has worked with Cool Automation, a provider of a bridging platform, that when installed with ActronAir BMS card, provides the ability to operate with a range of leading home automation companies.

This bridging device is available through 3rd party suppliers and is as simple as connecting to the network through an RJ45 ethernet cable, and a twisted pair cable back to the ActronAir BMS card. The bridging device currently supports approximately 40 different home automation products.




Series 2 products are now all manufactured with 8 zones included as standard. This inclusion on our Classic & ESP Plus models, now means that all residential Actron manufactured products between 10-23kW all come with 8 zones installed at the factory.

In addition to the new features that the Series 2 update provides across the Classic & ESP product range, the Classic Series 2 product represents the first residential systems that will operate on our all-new controls platform, which mans it also delivers a host of additional functions. Whilst these features are currently only available on the Classic Series 2 range, they represent some of the additional functionality you can expect to see come as standard as we roll it out across our product range.

Additional benefits include:
  • Zone balancing – Through the wall control, you can now set the minimum and maximum open or closed positions of the damper. This removes the need to purchase additional balancing blades, plus the cost to install them.
  • The ability to support up to 3 x 7-day master wall controllers.
  • In addition to the 3 wall controls, there can be 3 additional remote sensors connected, allowing for 6 sensors in total!
  • 3-speed outdoor fan, which allows for quieter operation and an expanded operating range that allows the system to cool in temperatures as low as +5°C
  • Auto assignment of the wall control address.
  • Better 3rd Party Controls Connectivity – For commercial applications where it’s more common for 3rd party controls to be used, this previously required the system to be ordered with a variation. This is no longer the case with the new controls platform with this functionality is supported as standard.
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