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The Breeze – June 2019 – Product Spotlight

Why do ActronAir have Hail Guards on Condenser Coils?

Australia has experienced some severe hail storms over the years. Just recently the east coast copped a catastrophic beating with the damage bill reaching in excess of $6 million dollars.

Hail doesn’t only cause damage to aesthetics, but it can also put a dent in your power bill.

It is estimated that 3 x 96kW package units, running 60 hours per week and using approximately 22.4kW per hour would have an estimated running cost of $13.44 per hour.

Recently a Brisbane business fell victim to extreme weather conditions when hail damage occurred to both condenser coils on each of their outdoor units. With the absence of hail guards, damage to the units resulted in a 10% increase in power due to effected performance, which equalled $80 per week additional power costs. Plus, a lack of performance at high load times and increased stress on compressors and the refrigerant circuit.


Just as you would protect your motor vehicle from the elements, can you afford not to have hail guards on your condenser units?


Isn’t she a beauty?!

Recently we received a special build request from CoolChain Mackay for a stainless steel 9kW Classic unit to be built for use at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal located at the Port of Hay Point in Central Queensland.