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The Breeze – June 2019 – Biggest HVAC R&D Facility in the Southern Hemisphere

You’d be forgiven for thinking ‘The Labs’ sounds like a forbidden dungeon where scientific experiments take place.

While there is a fair bit of experimenting and testing going on, when we refer to ‘The Labs’ we’re actually talking about our brand-new, state-of-the-art Research & Development testing facility at ActronAir HQ in Marsden Park.

Our dungeon is a whopping 2,544m2 and includes 11 individual areas dedicated to rigorously testing airflow, system functions, simulating indoor and outdoor temperatures, reliability testing, and heating & cooling capacity.

Facilities include a 288m2 external plant room and 3 Psychrometric Calorimeter rooms, including the largest test room in the southern hemisphere that can test air conditioners with a thermal capacity of up to 200kW. These rooms have been designed to determine the performance of our systems via the air enthalpy method, including measuring rated cooling and heating capacity, high ambient maximum cooling capacity, low temperature minimum heating capacity, Indoor and outdoor  airflow rate, system power consumption, individual component power consumption and APF, all of which assist in the performance testing and development of our systems.

You will also find a Reverberation Room with floor to ceiling stainless steel that is designed to measure sound power and electromagnetic compatibility, and a custom designed and built Anechoic Sound Room designed to test NSV (that’s Noise, Sound, and Vibration for those of you playing at home), both of which are used to ensure that the overall sound, and sound quality performance of our systems into the future is as optimised as possible. In a sign of how important this area of product development is to us, the new Anechoic Sound Room is 5 times the volume of our previous facility and features more than 1,500 bespoke steel perforated anechoic wedges specifically developed for testing HVAC equipment.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you will also find an Airflow Chamber designed to measure an airflow rate of 200-6,000L/S and static pressure range of 0-500PA. The 100m2 Test Cage allows for system function testing of up to 150A, whilst the Reliability Test Rooms feature up to 240kW of cooling and heating capacity.

Taking 3 years of intense planning, the fit-out has recently been completed by Shanghai Satake, and the laboratories certainly demand your attention as soon as you walk through the doors.

  • The Labs contain enough power and data cable for a round trip from ActronAir’s Head Office in Marsden Park to the Sydney Opera House!
  • The R&D Centre holds enough copper pipe to go around a soccer pitch 9 times.





The labs are now completed and ready for testing.