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Turning up the thermostat on Penny Williams




Name:                                                      Penny Williams

Department:                                                                           Customer Care, S.A branch

How long have you worked at ActronAir?                              7 years, 6 months

Favourite colour:                                                                    Blue

Favourite drink:                                                                      Anything with alcohol

Favourite movie:                                                                    Pretty Woman

Song I can’t get out of my head:                                           “Hello Darkness my old Friend”

Coffee or tea?                                                                        Tea

Beer or wine?                                                                         Wine

Late nights or early mornings?                                              Early mornings

What I always wanted to be when I grew up:                        I don’t think I ever will

Favourite part about working at ActronAir:                            The Family feeling


If I could work in any department of the business, where would it be and why?


Tech support. I love the parts and how things work (should have been a boy hahaha).