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QUE To The Rescue

Contractor Tim Dunbar of Dunbar Electrical, who specialises in custom residential and light commercial projects approached Darren Hill from our South Australia branch about a new Vet Clinic in Wayville S.A.


On meeting with Tim and looking at the proposed extension it was apparent that his client’s necessity was having rooms with different temperature requirements, therefore the QUE was the obvious answer.





With the heat load requirement of 17 kW (front) and 14 kW (rear), the CRQ3-17AS / ERQ3-17AS and CRQ2-14AS / ERQ2-14AS where selected.


With varying usage in the areas, we worked out a suggested control layout for units.

All control methods where used;


  • The consulting rooms using our QZW-100, giving the ultimate in control within these rooms and allowing the doctors control of temperature from within the rooms.


  • Other areas that required temperature control used sensors (QSW-10) with simple temperature adjustment from the master controller.


  • The larger common areas used the master controller for a simple on/off control of the space.


Dunbar Electrical performed a quality install with a commercial flair using hard drawn copper between the outdoor and indoor unit with quality ductwork and commercial registers used throughout. Darren was involved in the final handover to the client, veterinary doctors with both staff and the owners very pleased with how the temperature was compared to their old system.





Not only where they happy with the looks of the QUE complementing the old historical building at the front, but with the modern extension to the rear. The additional features have made this system function like a high end BMS system giving their client excellent value for money.


Some of the options and uses so far have been.


  • Accessibility at any time where their patients are kept, to check on the temperature. Peace of mind that their special patients are being kept at the appropriate temperature regardless of the temperature outside. All this through the QUE app. They can make adjustments to individual rooms from our app and also can control both units from the one app.


  • The schedule enables them to start the units in the reception area for the staff who start at 7.30am. No waiting for the very grand reception area of the old house to get to temperature when they arrive. This is done by scheduling for an half an hour before they arrive.


  • They also can make use of the ‘away’ mode over the weekend or at night to keep areas to a more economical temperature to save energy and to ensure when the areas are required they will quickly get to set point by using the setback mode.


This project represents the ideal use of our QUE in a commercial project, offering the client features and benefits only found in much larger and more complex VRF systems. Well done, Darren and Dunbar Electrical!