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How To Clean A Split System Air Conditioner

Sadly, not too many people clean their air conditioner frequently enough. It’s just not something that people think about when they clean their home. They might dust it a little bit, but apart from that most of the dirt stays out of sight and out of mind. It might not be the most fun job, […]

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How Does Solar Power Air Conditioning Work?

Solar panels have so much potential to help provide the vital energy requirements of the modern world. With a growing population, climate change and its various impacts, and only so much left in our fossil fuel reserves, the reality is that we need as many forms of clean energy as possible. One of these forms, […]

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Which air conditioner is best for a rental property?

The best air conditioner for a rental property really depends on which side you sit on, the landlord or the tenant. Both landlords and tenants will have very different requirements and desires, so it is likely that they will clash on what they think is best for the situation. This article will go through the […]

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