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Which air conditioner is best for a rental property?

The best air conditioner for a rental property really depends on which side you sit on, the landlord or the tenant. Both landlords and tenants will have very different requirements and desires, so it is likely that they will clash on what they think is best for the situation. This article will go through the […]

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Why choose ducted air conditioning?

There are many great reasons to choose ducted air conditioning. Convenience, control, perfect temperatures and efficiency are just a few. Trying to find the right air conditioner is always so complex because there are so many different choices and variables. Despite this, ducted air conditioning is often seen as the best, particularly for bigger spaces. […]

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Air conditioning energy star ratings – what do they mean?

The energy star rating system is so useful when it comes to gauging the efficiency of appliances. Most of us know so little about Watts and Amps that we would be completely lost without it. Thankfully, the Australian government came to our aid and provided a standard measurement that is easy for us to understand. […]

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